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Nancy Lebowitz, M.D., is a New York-based, board-certified gynecologist specializing in preventive gynecology, hormone replacement therapy (including bio-identical hormone pellet insertions - Dr. Lebowitz video on benefits of testosterone pellets for women), and the diagnosis and treatment of the human papilloma virus and attendant cervical dysplasia. Dr. Lebowitz is also a certified NYC O-Shot provider. Dr. Nancy Lebowitz video on the benefits of the O-Shot

At her active practice in Manhattan, Dr. Lebowitz is known for her diagnostic skills and for consistently staying at the leading edge of gynecological advances.

Dr. Lebowitz is committed to providing extraordinary service and excellence in clinical care. Each of her patients remains an individual, to whose life and needs she is always attentive. Her office is welcoming and convivial, from the moment each patient steps in the door.

In addition, Dr. Lebowitz has a "destination" practice—treating patients who travel from around the world to consult with her.

As a leading practitioner of bioidentical testosterone implants for women, Dr. Lebowitz has attracted media attention on websites including huffingtonpost.com, nycitywoman.com, and nextavenue.org. She has also been quoted in a wide range of consumer magazines, including Glamour, Self, Marie Claire, Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Ladies Home Journal, Shape, and Jump. In addition, she has served as a press spokesperson for two gynecologically-related products, Ortho Options and Monistat.

To book an appointment, call the office at (212)-472-8676

Nancy Lebowitz, M.D. • 800A 5th Avenue (corner of E. 61st) Suite 201 • New York, NY 10065 • (212) 472-8676