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I am thrilled with the care I have received from you and your office. When I first met you, I had heard about your expertise in inserting pellets for hormonal replacement. I was a little bit apprehensive but I was concerned about my bone density as well as having physical issues from going through my menopause. I have found your care to be very professional, informative and very necessary for my mental and physical heath and well being.

I recently had a terrible accident while walking along the Hudson River. A biker came from behind and hit me while going 40 miles an hour. I was injured and needed stitches on my face but I did not break a single bone in my body. This is an amazing thing, as I really should have had some fractures from being thrown to the ground at the speed at which the biker was riding.

I will continue coming to your office twice a year for these treatments and I am indebted to you for your knowledge and expertise.

      - Suzanne M.

Having to go to the gynecologist is never a pleasant experience though having a doctor as caring and sensitive as Dr. Lebowitz, who greets you with a smile, makes a visit easy. She listens and cares and her follow up is superb. In an emergency she will fit you in at a moments notice and works with your fears and concerns. She is up on the latest medical advances and always presents all treatment options. Having been with Dr. Lebowitz for many years all I can say is that I look forward to my visits and consider her a special person.

      - Karin G


Dr. Lebowitz is our go-to gynecologist. She has skillfully treated scores of our patients, to their great satisfaction as well as ours. She has a wealth of knowledge and innovative, progressive concepts and treatment paradigms to the betterment of our patient's health. It is a privilege to work with Dr. Lebowitz!

      - Dr. Richard Mueller, Cardiovascular Diagnostics

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